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Too Much Media Patches

01/04/2011 - Patch 73.1

Version Required: NATS v3.1.72.x
Type: Optional
Description: If you use Rocketgate or Webbilling, please put in a ticket so we can apply this patch manually This patch includes a number of biller changes. Affected processors include Netbilling, Segpay, VXS, Localbilling, Epoch, NetPay, CCBill, Rocketgate, Rsbilling, Jettis, Altobilling, Webbilling, Tcharge, Verotel, Commercegate, NetCash

Patch 73.1 Instructions:
Step 1:Login to your server via ssh as the user NATS was installed under.
Step 2:Go into your NATS directory. (There should be folders such as includes and www in this directory)
Step 3:Download the patch by using the following command:
If your server does not have wget installed you can use fetch instead.
Step 4:Unpack the patch files by using the following command:
tar -xzf patch_73_1.tar.gz
Step 5:Go into the patch directory by using the following command:
cd patch_73_1
Step 6:Run the install.php script by using the following command:
php install.php

The patch will notify you when the process has been completed.

If you have any questions regarding a patch or you are uncomfortable applying the patch yourself we are more than happy to assist you. Please submit a support ticket via our client support area or contact us at 732-385-1536.