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Too Much Media Patches

05/17/2010 - Patch 68.1

Version Required: NATS v3.1.67.3
Type: Optional
Description: This patch corrects several minor issues as well as adding a number of features for specific billing integrations. You must be running the Ioncube encoded version of NATS to update with this patch. All future patches will only be available for the Ioncube encoding.

Patch 68.1 Instructions:
Step 1:Login to your server via ssh as the user NATS was installed under.
Step 2:Go into your NATS directory. (There should be folders such as includes and www in this directory)
Step 3:Download the patch by using the following command:
If your server does not have wget installed you can use fetch instead.
Step 4:Unpack the patch files by using the following command:
tar -xzf patch_68_1.tar.gz
Step 5:Go into the patch directory by using the following command:
cd patch_68_1a
Step 6:Run the install.php script by using the following command:
php install.php

The patch will notify you when the process has been completed.

If you have any questions regarding a patch or you are uncomfortable applying the patch yourself we are more than happy to assist you. Please submit a support ticket via our client support area or contact us at 732-385-1536.